Spring Birds

Created: 2017-01-11 | Updated: 2017-01-11 | Downloads: 419 | Android: 4+

Spring Birds APK

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Spring Birds - the best achievement of our developers. We constantly monitor the application rated and preparing new releases.
Let us know in the mail about your problems installing or using the application.  Live wallpaper contain ad units.
Pictures of Annex Spring Birds will help you deal with the application configuration capabilities.
We are introducing a pleasant and harmonious animated app Spring Birds.  Free version.
App Spring Birds. How to install:
- Interactive wallpaper Spring Birds - download. - The menu settings devaysa find the icon Spring Birds and run.
- After activating the application read it in the open prior proosmotra window. - Run the application on the main screen.
Application menu settings can be caused by double-tapping the screen glass.  If desired, this function call the quick menu can be turned off.
Spring Birds equipped with additional small animations.  In the configuration, users can configure the number of animations.
Live wallpapers are able to connect - disable interactive effects. Tap the center of the screen - Connect the audio unit tunes the respective topic.

Spring Birds APK

APK file iconDownload Spring Birds APK
The app is free of charge.
Clean from viruses and malware.
Contains advertisement to let developer eat and live.


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